With the Raptor, Leatherman delivers us once again a versatile tool worthy of the Vulcan forges and breaks the codes of the genre by combining the aggressive edges of a boosted medical chisel with the serum of super-soldier with the practicality of a multitool. The Leatherman Raptor offers a terribly powerful and rugged emergency scissors designed to cope with the most recalcitrant situations and materials. An essential part of any doctor’s health kit, emergency scissors are also an excellent tool for everyone.

Many cutting tasks are more controlled and safer using scissors rather than a blade and that’s why I integrated the Raptor into my EDC. As Rodolphe explained in the article on IFAK, the Raptor is a very well thought out tool. I will add that in an emergency, it is easier and safer to pull scissors than a knife. in the middle of the street.Designed to serve first aid and operational lifeguards, the Leatherman Raptor offers six distinct tools: scissors, a ring cutter, a window breaker, a strap cutter, an oxygen wrench and a ruler.

The Raptor, like the dinosaur, is a formidable enemy for quite everything. Apart from the fact that it is extremely well thought out and robust, the Raptor is a tool with a very original design that we have a lot of fun to watch and manipulate. The case of the Raptor is rather well done and allows different wearing options. It can be hooked directly on a belt or the MOLLE webbing of a bag, IFAK pouch or plate carrier, it is very practical and well thought out. 

In its basic configuration, the folded Raptor is held in the sheath by its clip. We can shake everything up, nothing moves a millimeter, thank you Leatherman. One of the things I like about the Raptor is that it can also be put in its case when unfolded. A quick draw type ergo then prevents the tool from moving while allowing quick extraction of the dinosaur.

The belt cutter and the oxygen wrench are on the same blade, which once deployed is secured by a liner lock mechanism. I do not have the use of the 0² key, however the strap cutter has already served me and its edge is formidable and durable. The ring cutter is positioned under the cissor blades and thus enjoys a strong leverage effect: it cuts metals like butter. I’ve seen a lot of videos of people having fun cutting metal objects with (iron wire, key rings, coins), but keep in mind that the rings cutter is thought to cut nonferrous metals. So if you want it to last in time … However, I use it without hesitation to cut electrical wires (the handle is not isolated so be sure to turn off the power if you work with high voltage …).

The glass breaker is located on the butt of the Raptor. Its tungsten carbide tip is terribly effective and will wake you up mercilessly if by any chance you decide to snap the Raptor in its holster with a swipe of the plam. Even if it’s bad, this nasty tip can serve as an impact tool when needed, just grab the Raptor by the blade.

I always had a pair of beefy scissors in my EDC. Previously I had on me a pair of very strong electrician scissors but their size and weight often bothered me and obviously, they had only one function. Raptor shears are even more effective and solve the problem of size and weight I encountered. The scissors blades of Raptor have a phenomenal power. Plastics, thin sheets, thick cardboard, ropes, fine or thick fabrics and of course papers, nothing resists them very long. The serrated blade grips the materials to be cut with disconcerting efficiency and makes cutting very easy. I warn you, the Raptor caused me a kind of craze for cutting that lasted 2 good days but I treated myself (understand: I cut out everything that was cut up until exhaustion of things to sacrifice ) .

If I still keep my Leatherman Wave on me for more diverse tasks, the Raptor has the advantage of being much lighter, more versatile and deploying very quickly. For me, there is no choice between one or the other: the Wave and the Raptor are complementary and intended for different missions.

The survival shears such as the Raptor are not only an original gift for a survivalist, they are also very close to most of our daily needs. Very paradoxically, what I like about the Raptor is that it contains no blades so I can keep it on me at any time and in any place. Without a doubt, the Leatherman Raptor is one of those wonderful tools that we do not know we need them until the day we have it in hand. The Leatherman Raptor is usually around $70 on Amazon (MOLLE holster included).